seabed in quill 🤪
seabed in quill 🤪

a vr version of a piece painted by me, also called seabed.
I remember that back when I painted the 2d version, I was acting on an exciting mix of intuition, feelings and visuals I wanted to be able to explore with my art fearlessly.
I felt it was within my power to share vivid imagined worlds with others, that had no real limitations. worlds that could be just what i wanted them to be. and others that would reveal themselves to me through the process.
it was one of the first milestones in my art journey; inside of myself, for having unlocked new potentials, and outside of myself, for the way it connected with others.

this version was created in quill, a software I feel combines several aspects of art making that i enjoy into a unique experience i want everyone to have access to ( try it! :) ). bit of 2d, bit of 3d, bit of animation, bold shapes and colours, all intuitive and fun.

thankyou :)
take good care, cheers~

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