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 Hi! I'm a silly forest pond creature person and Art Director living in Spain, particularly interested in appreciating life, adventure, nature, and visual storytelling. I really enjoy designing simple and appealing shapes, colour and light to express those interests, with a whimsical playful flavour.

feel free to contact me at: iris.apos@gmail.com

I have enjoyed being a freelance Visual Development/Concept/Colourkey artist for about a decade and have had the blessed opportunity to work with delightful clients on creative ideas. I look forward to future fun endeavours; it means a lot to me to help share wholesome messages in unique uplifting ways, with emotional depth.

I strongly believe that good communication and people skills are the foundational pillars of all collaborative projects and I enjoy embodying good values and practices in treating others and myself well, convinced we all deserve to lead a good lighthearted life full of curiosity and laughter. 

I've always thought of the art community as a well of inspiring creatives and friends we've yet to meet. My favourite part of being a professional in this industry is connecting with fellow human beans :D hehe, and helping ideas take shape. We're blessed to get to create together.


I really enjoy public speaking and educational content that is easily digestible and fun. It's something I'm trying to become good at, with the goal of embodying some kind of artist + amateur comedian hybrid creature hehe. So in that regard, here is one of my proudest attempts to summarize much of the visual intuitions/insight I've gathered over time:

I'm eternally grateful to have been invited to take part in events in person and online. I feel deeply lucky to get to learn, share, and laugh with colleagues and like minded folks.

One of my favourite recent memories was getting to playfully educate about VR/3D basics at Lightbox. My aim is to show everyone that they have what it takes to have fun and make great art.


‍now for some slightly more formal stuff in case you are curious, understandably:

skills/ how i can help out

 Art Direction, Visual Development, Concept Art, Colour Key, Design, Photography, Presenting, Mentoring, some Teaching, VR ( + very minimal 3D, Animation, Storyboarding)

fortunate to have collaborated with these clients

Melbot Studios
Lime Pictures

Axis Studios

Jellyfish Pictures

Giggle Garage
Mind Monsters Games
Passion Pictures
Syn Studio
Snafu Pictures

Oxalis Games
Moon Studios
Massive Black
NWave Digital
3DTotal Publishing

thankful to have been a part of

NonStop Barcelona
IFCC Online Festival

Slovenian Games Conference
Spectrum 26
Industry Workshops

education lore
Dawson College - 3D Animation and CGI 
LaSalle College - Fashion Design

~Cheers, Take Good Care and Thank You~

you can also find me here: