mindfulness practice

inspired by Andrew Huberman and by telling my art mentees to take into their own hands the types of things they want to see in the world, the kind of art and expression they want to be a part of... :) 


nsdr, meditation, yoga nidra, and yoga are all wonderful opportunities to show up for yourself and give yourself the care you deserve. 

i sincerely believe that a person who takes on habits that regularly take care of their wellbeing can transform their life, build confidence, lift themselves out of depression, etc. 

much much more, and more sustainably and long lasting, and even easier, than drugs or just thinking positive thoughts. 

creatives, artists, and all people need to take care of ourselves and take time to notice, to be mindful, and to heal. 

i want to help people do that so i will be making more of these types of things, and some other resources later on. 


take good care, cheers, see you next time :)