Ori and the Will of the Wisps - Mood & Light, Value blocking, Depth

be warned, it's not fun scrolling down without first playing the game! if it matters to you, look away!

these are screenshots of some spots i enjoy and feel that i contributed to getting the mood, colour and value relationships to the current level.

these scenes feature significant (huge) amounts of iterative work, direction, and ideas of other mooners (picture us all as tiny salt and pepper shakers spread over every moment of the whole game). i was neither the first nor the last to work on them.
i feel lucky and thankful to have been a part of such a powerful team. I learned and grew a lot.
and in following BF, we stood on the shoulders of giants.

I joined the production in a stage where the assets were all ready, level designs (gameplay) wrapping up, and all of us on the art team had to just get to making puzzles from several pieces.
it was a great opportunity to work out some mental/visual muscles within the interesting constraints of game design clarity :)